Security Training Protection

Our team at London Marine Insurance Services Ltd has very close corporate connections with a leading international security provider who we recommend to our clients where security, protection and training are appropriate. Security can demonstrate a reduction to risk exposure enabling us to request the premium should be adjusted accordingly to reflect this.

The security provider will create bespoke security solutions that have unparalleled level of flexibility and response to any situation as follows:

  • Site Security and Vulnerability Assessments and Risk Assessments.
  • Staff training such as Hostile Environment Awareness Training, First Aid Training.
  • Executive overseas protection or journey management.
  • Discreet and safe transporting of valuable commodities worldwide
  • Precious metals
  • Diamond an jewellery
  • Sensitive documents
  • Fine art
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Ransom delivery
  • Protection of personnel
  • Political and crisis risk evacuation
  • Medical emergency and Medevac
  • Protection services
  • Providing protection with privacy discretion and security
  • Protective surveillance and situation awareness and reactive capability

The security provided is by former British Police Royalty protection officers and former Special Forces soldiers.

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